While all students share an interest in finance, the team is a mix of Arts & Sciences and Engineering students, and we are always looking for a diverse team with varied viewpoints.

About the Process

Applications are accepted mid-February and consist of a resume, cover letter and transcript. Submissions are then screened and followed by interviews with the team's executive members and faculty advisory committee, which includes Annette Leps of the Center for Leadership Education and Trey Sheain of the Office of Investment Management. Applicants are evaluated based on interest in finance, the markets, and the team as well as technical knowledge and fit. The acceptance rate is approximately 10%.



  • One of our weekly meetings is open to the public and is typically used for a stock pitch or update. Our public meeting is always on Sundays at 6PM in Shaffer 3

  • One closed meeting is held weekly for portfolio updates, macro and stock market developments, sector updates and stock re-evaluations


  • Stock pitches typically consist of a discounted cash flow model, comparable companies analysis and a thorough, qualitative overview of the company and its market

  • Members are free to choose which stocks they want to pitch

  • Members are required to do at least one pitch per semester